Hiring a Valet Company?

If you're hiring valet service, we welcome your call to learn the
P-VOC participation status of your company of interest.

Our intention at P-VOC is to elevate the level of driving ability in the valet industry.  Just like, not just anyone can be a proficient dancer, lawyer, doctor, not just anyone can be a proficient valet. And if you (God forbid) are ill or injured and you go to a hospital and surrender your fate to an assigned physician, you want to know this doctor is trained and confident in his/her skills. Our intention is to give you, the valet customer, reason to have the same confidence when you assign a company to park your guests' cars.   

Our intention is also on behalf of hard working Valet company owners who, until this point, have been somewhat victimized by the mystery of how well their valets can drive.  Just because they did a great interview and have a spotless driving record, doesn't mean they can precision park your Panamera. Every time a valet gets in a car it’s a ‘crap shoot’ unless they already know his/her driving ability. Never before has there been a easily accessible system to close this costly gap in operations. For valet company owners it's a win-win-win-win as they;

  • Eliminate this ‘crap shoot’ in every parking operation
  • Reduce the company accident rate
  • Lower their insurance rates by reducing the number of claims
  • Keep their profit instead of sharing it with auto repair shops.

Given the bad reputation of valet drivers, in general, it probably wouldn't surprise you to know that the hiring standards of most companies is nothing more than verifying a valid driver's license. Some companies go a step further requiring that all valets know how to drive manual transmissions. Some don't. For the most part and in general, there is no training other than what a valet might learn in the field.

And while they may be able to give their staff a few tips on 'hospitality' and maybe a little 'traffic direction', so far, P-VOC is the first curriculum designed to enhance the ability to precision maneuver any vehicle under the varying circumstances most face valets. The challenge is heightened for companies which specialize in private events. With these, each location, configuration and level of difficulty is different - from one parking operation to the next. 

Our Mission Statement

P-VOC, The Precision Vehicle Operating Course™ is a professional driver enhancement education system dedicated to giving each student direction necessary to acquire, at will, quarter inch precision at every execution, with specialized focus on reverse motion. 
P-VOC, to protect and serve the ambition to drive....

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