P-VOC comes, respectfully, from the name of its mentor, 'EVOC' which stands for the Emergency Vehicle Operating Course. EVOC is required of all fire, police, rangers, paramedics and others who operate emergency vehicles in the state of California.

The driving conditions and circumstances of police, fire and ambulance drivers are quite different but not necessarily less extreme than that of valets! While their critical moments may happen at excessive speeds, for a valet it usually happens at speeds of less than 1 mile an hour as they work to place your Lamborghini between a Ferrari ....and a Bentley ...while in reverse motion.
The California Highway Patrol operates EVOC and its officers facilitate that course. Sergeant Casey Kronin was an instructor of EVOC for some 20 years. Sergeant Mark Garrett facilitated there for 2 years. In 2004, after the persuasion of Valet company owner Gillian Harris and with the permission of the CHP, both Kronin and Garrett commenced to spend the next several years as driving instructors working with Harris in a hands on educational driving program for her staff that combined their strategies with hers to become what P-VOC is today.

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