About P-VOC

The P-VOC training curriculum is the first of its kind. The course is designed with the special needs of the Valet Industry in mind. The program is designed to enhance skills of professional drivers who face tight squeeze challenges!  All maneuvers are at low (parking) speeds. Each student gets one on one attention from a certified P-VOC instructor. Students use their own vehicle during the course, this way they can later practice what they learned in their own vehicle. The goal is 'quarter inch precision', especially in 'reverse motion' and tools we use in P-VOC are found on all cars.  

Through the P-VOC curriculum, students gain tools to increase their 'at will' driving performance.  Employers save money and their company's reputation by being able to consciously deploy their most highly skilled drivers. Through P-VOC they gain knowledge of their employee's driving ability and as a consequence are able to deploy their valets accordingly.


There are 13 maneuvers in P-VOC. A highly proficient driver can nail the course in 20 minutes which includes the time it takes the instructor to give the directives before each part.  HOWEVER, we've found that even some of the most proficient drivers find a weakness, learn a new tool and need at least 40 - 45 minutes with the course. In extreme cases, we'll need a full hour and a half with a student.

The course was specifically designed for valet companies. These companies use our training and scoring system to effectively reduce their accident rate.  "We've been using P-VOC for valet training since we opened our company. The training makes a difference but the scoring system is the key that has brought our accident rate to nearly zero", said Harris of her  Valet Of The Dolls, LLC,  in business since 2003.  With the scoring system, she is able to see what a valet's driving weakness is---who is a liability and who is an asset.  "With P-VOC, I can figure out which valets are best suited for which locations or differing levels of difficulty. In our company, the higher your P-VOC score, the more you work", Harris said.

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